Meet Liz

Meet Liz

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. I know that you want to make careful choices when selecting legal representation, so allow me to introduce myself and invite you to contact me at 504-581-4334 for a consultation.

I am Elizabeth Stevenson Meneray, born in New Orleans Louisiana at Baptist Hospital. I grew up on the Westbank and attended John Ehret High School, where I first encountered the law as a member of its premier Mock Trial Competition Team. Although I had been an avid student journalist in high school and was expected to write for a career, I took the fire for the law that was kindled that spring semester and carried it with me to the University of New Orleans, where I majored in Political Science on a pre-law track.

At UNO, I obtained my Bachelor's degree along with a Certificate of Paralegal Studies, thinking that I would test the waters of the legal field before diving into the deep end that was law school. Little did I know I would practice as a paralegal for 15 years before finally braving those waters, when Hurricane Katrina finally kicked me out of the boat!

I entered Loyola University New Orleans School of Law with the perspective of someone who had already worked very hard and accomplished a great deal, but who believed she could contribute so much more but for the lack of this degree. In the years leading up to law school, I had begun to volunteer more vigorously, to take greater part in my community, and to work more closely with those who gave part of themselves to make New Orleans a better place. The education I received at Loyola was grounded in service of others, and the pursuit of education as a means to that service.

It was at Loyola that I found my passion for the "Persons practice" that was to become Meneray Family Law. As a student in the Loyola Family Law Clinic, I worked closely with families facing divorce, children caught in custody battles, elderly people bound by the red tape of the Road Home program. I found there were solutions to their problems, and as an attorney I was able to make those solutions happen for them. It was an incredible feeling to know that I could help, that I had found the tools to make things go right for people whose lives didn't often work out so well. It was with pleasure in my third year that I accepted an award from the Association of Women Attorneys as the outstanding student family law practitioner.

Today, I have begun to work for you. I started Meneray Family Law in an effort to serve people with needs in the areas of divorce, custody, tutorship, emancipation, child support, adoption, wills and successions. I would like to sit down and talk with you about your concerns, about what's important to you. Feel free to call for a consultation today at 504-581-4334.


Elizabeth S. Meneray

Attorney at Law, Certified Family Law Mediator, Collaborative Divorce Professional, Notary Public

710 Carondelet Street
New Orleans, LA 70130